Pretty cute shit!

I love beautiful cute lovely femmes <3 and I make girl x girl gifs
I ship Fayana(The Secret Circle), FIMOGEN(Degrassi), Faberry(Glee), BRITTANNA(Glee), Emison(Pretty Little Liars), CAMREN (Fifth Harmony), KARMY (FAKING IT) and many more!


I love how Shay is always searching for Sasha’s hands in interviews 



↳ Sasha Pieterse + adorable smile

she is perfect


emison > paily

pukes @ paily


The best of Shelley and phoebe (aka fayana) on Instagram

  • Middle school me: IDK i just haven't met any guys who are my type
  • High school me: my type is female
  • fanfic: *passionate kissing*
  • me: omg they gonna have sex
  • fanfic: *they go to the bed*
  • me: omg this is it
  • fanfic: THE NEXT MORNING
  • me: ...